Bullet Biters rise straight from the dark outskirts of cold cold Finland! Rough climate and peripheric location have always been a special challenge for this band yet they´ve been chewing bullets and fighting windmills with stubborn attitude all these years.

Trio was formed in a local bar in the remote town of Oulu back in 2004. Early set lists included mainly rockabilly-classics but as years went by the style changed more and more towards psychobilly. Strong rockabilly background can still be heard - maybe that´s why many listeners have put The Bullet Biters in "old school psychobilly" -category.

During the last 9 years these boneheads have done quite a massive amount of gigs for a Finnish psychobilly act. Hard work without any line-up changes has lead to results: Bullet Biters has a reputation of a really ass-kicking and energetic live band. They have spread the glorious gospel of psychobilly in every corner of Finland and Northern Sweden but other parts of Europe are still unconquered (in 2013).

First CD-EP Take a Bite! was made in 2007. It was self-produced disc and sold out mainly in gigs. Second release was self-produced coloured vinyl-EP Intergalactic Mental Alert in 2010 which gave some international visibility to the band. The Bullet Biters started to record their first full-length album in year 2012. Due to some surprising, serious and nearly lethal health issues the band was forced to cancel all their gigs and concentrate on staying alive. Luckily things turned out just fine and band hit the road again in spring 2013 and at the same time finished their debute-album . "Stranglers United" is a stunning looking digipak-CD which consists of 12 original songs. The release date for this album was on April 2013 and it was released by small Finnish record company Mielilevyt.

The Bullet Biters are:
Mihail the Morbid - guitar, vocals
Kazakhstan Playboy - double bass
Jake of Texas - drums